Order of Service for Trinity I

Published Saturday 18th June 2022, at 11:05 a.m.


Sunday, June 18th Sung Eucharist 10.30 am

Celebrant and preacher Fr Tim

Choir: Stellae Cantores Organist: Andrew Parmley Setting: Mass of the Quiet Hour  Music before the service Serenade, op.52 (Lemare)

Introit Oculi Omnium (Charles Wood)

Oculi omnium in Te sprerant Domine et Tu das escam illorum in tempore opportuno. Gloria Tibi Domine. Amen.

(The eyes of all wait upon thee, O Lord, and thou givest them their meat in due season. Glory to Thee, O Lord. Amen.)

Hymn No. 174 Breathe on me, breath of God


Please kneel for the Prayers of Preparation

Lord’s Prayer & Collect for Purity BCP p.237 The Summary of the Law, after which the people say: Lord have mercy upon us, and incline our hearts to keep this law.


Collect for the Queen BCP p.239 Collect for the Day BCP p.156

The Epistle: 1 St John 4.7 BCP p.156

Gradual O thou, the central orb (Charles Wood)

O Thou, the central orb of righteous love, Pure beam of the most High, eternal Light Of this our wintry world, Thy radiance bright Awakes new joy in faith, hope soars above. Come, quickly come, and let thy glory shine, Gilding our darksome heaven with rays Divine. Thy saints with holy lustre round Thee move, As stars about thy throne, set in the height Of God's ordaining counsel, as Thy sight Gives measured grace to each, Thy power to prove. Let Thy bright beams disperse the gloom of sin, Our nature all shall feel eternal day In fellowship with thee, transforming day To souls erewhile unclean, now pure within. Amen.

Stand for the Alleluia acclamation. After the Gospel is proclaimed the people say Glory be to thee, O Lord.

Gospel: S. Luke16.19 BCP p.157

After the Gospel the people say: Praise be to thee, O Christ.

Creed – sung by all BCP p.240



Offertory Hymn No. 278 Alleluya, sing to Jesus

Prayer for the Church BCP p.244 Invitation & Confession BCP p.251 Absolution, Comfortable Words BCP p.252


Priest: The Lord be with you R: And with thy spirit Sursum corda BCP p.252 Sanctus & Benedictus BCP p.253 Prayer of Humble Access BCP p.255


After the Consecration, the priest says: The peace of the Lord be always with you R: And with thy spirit


Agnus Dei

Motet Panis angelicus (Cesar Franck)

Panis angelicus Fit panis hominum Dat panis coelicus Figuris terminum O res mirabilis Manducat dominum Pauper, pauper Servus et humilis May the Bread of Angels Become bread for mankind; The Bread of Heaven puts All foreshadowings to an end; Oh, thing miraculous! The body of the Lord will nourish the poor, the poor, the servile, and the humble.

Priest: As our Saviour Christ hath commanded and taught us, so we are bold to say: Lord’s Prayer BCP p.257

Oblation Said by the priest alone

Gloria p. 259

Blessing BCP p. 259

Hymn No. 362 Tell out, my soul

Organ voluntary Pomp and circumstance March No.1 (Edward Elgar)