Thursday, June 04, 2020

Forty Days and Forty Nights ..

Next Sunday is Septuagesima, the third week before the beginning of Lent! Ash Wednesday is on February 14th. 

Fr Tim is away that week on a holiday booked before coming to the parish, but there will still be an Ash Wednesday at Eucharist at 1210, celebrated by Fr Stephen Wilson. 

Over the next eight weeks, we will be departing from the BCP lectionary and preaching sermons on the Seven Deadly Sins. Nowadays people tend to take them with a pinch of salt: even make them a subject for mockery. And yet our forebears in the Faith took them very seriously, and looking at each one in turn gives us all a chance to take a good look at ourselves, to increase our self-awareness, so that we can deepen our relationship with the Lord by looking at those areas of our lives where we need work harder.

 The series will begin on Septuagesima Sunday with a sermon on the nature of sin: what it is and why it matters.